These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the Terms) are an integral part of the contract concluded by AWAY Travel Agency (hereinafter: the Agency), or on its behalf the authorized agency and the traveler applying for a particular trip organized by the Agency or arranges a trip for a third party as a passenger/guest/traveler (hereinafter: the Traveler). In the case that an individual regulation in the program is regulated differently than it is regulated in these General Terms, the regulations stated in the program or offer shall apply.

In case of telephone sales, or sales over the Internet, it is considered that the Traveler has accepted these Terms when, by telephone and over the Internet, they have agreed upon the arranged and offered trip in question. These Terms are also publicly available on the website of the Agency:

These Terms do not apply to the purchase of airline tickets and the sale of arrangements organized by other providers of tourist arrangements, as well as for the conditions of health insurance, where the Agency acts as an intermediary and accordingly therein the general terms and conditions of the insurance company are applied.

The Agency guarantees the carrying out of tourist services according to the program and/or promotional material which Traveler has received. The Agency will implement the contents of the tourist service fully and in the described way, unless there are exceptional circumstances (war, riots, strikes, terrorist acts, sanitary disruptions, natural disasters, inventions by local authorities, unexpected changes to travel timetables, airplane delays and other transport means, bad weather conditions, traffic accidents, epidemics etc.). The Agency is not responsible for the execution of a tourist service of which it is not the liable organizer but only mediates in the sale.

The Agency is particularly attentive to preserving your privacy and protecting your personal data. You can read more about which, how and why we process your personal data in our Privacy Notice and Cookies, which can also be found on Agency website.

The applicable law for these Terms are the laws and other regulations of the Republic of Croatia, as well as the law of the European Union that is applicable in the Republic of Croatia.


Applications, inquiries, and expressions of interest for tourist services organized by the Agency are received by submitting the necessary information by e-mail, telephone, via an online form on the website, WhatsApp, Viber or other common means of communication. Based on the received application or inquiry, the Agency will send to Traveler a non-binding offer with all relevant pre-contractual information as soon as possible. Upon application, the Traveler is obliged to provide all the information and/or documents necessary for the realization of the tourist service and is responsible for any damage to himself or the organizer of the trip which arise due to the submission of incorrect and/or incomplete information and documents.

Unless otherwise agreed, upon receiving travel arrangement offer or proposal, as a sign of acceptance, the Traveler pays 30% of the value of the price and the rest of the total price no later than 40 days before realization of tourist service. If the Traveler does not fulfil this obligation it will be considered that they have withdrawn from the reservation without the possibility of the disbursement of the paid advance.

For the daily trip or excursion, unless otherwise agreed, the Traveler shall pay 100% of the price no later than 7 days before the trip.

For the airline ticket, the Traveler shall pay 100% of the price when issuing the ticket.

If it is a registration or inquiry for a tourist service that will begin within 21 days of application or inquiry for traveling, the Traveler shall pay 100% of the price.

If the Traveler reserves a tourist service that he will start using on the same day and will pay in full to the responsible organizer or service provider, the Agency will charge the cost of the reservation, unless otherwise specified in the contract with the responsible organizer or service provider, handling fee of 300 kn per booking. Based on the paid handling fee, the Traveler will receive a written confirmation of the reservation of the tourist service.


The contents of the tourist service include everything that the Agency has stated in the program/promotional material for that tourist service and delivered to the Traveler. Special services are services which are not included in the program/promotional material for that tourist service delivered to the Traveler and therefore the Traveler shall pay for them separately. Such special services are: transfers which are not included in the tourist service such as taxis and rent-a-car, additional meals, optional excursions, port fees, entrance tickets, travel insurance, tips and alike. If the Agency requests it, the Traveler is obliged to pay separately and in advance: taxes, fees or entrance tickets defined by special regulations, especially the ones that are necessary for the realization of the service. The Agency reserves the right to change the published prices stated in the program/promotional material if, after the conclusion of the contract, there is a change in the exchange rate of the agreed currency, an increase in the transport costs, also including the costs of fuel, or an increase in fees for certain services (at airports and other ports etc.), which affect the price of travelling but were unknown to the Agency at the time of booking nor the Agency could regulate it. 


The offered accommodation facilities, apartments, means of transport and other facilities of the tourist service are described according to the official categorization of the local tourist organization or other appropriate organization. Agency points out that the local categorization (standards of accommodation, food, services, etc.) differs significantly in some countries. The schedule of accommodation in rooms or apartments is determined by the reception in the place of stay. If the Traveler has not explicitly agreed on accommodation with special features, he will accept any officially registered room / apartment for rent in a particular facility or destination described in the program, offer, promotional material or on the Internet. If possible, the Agency will try to fulfill the Traveler’s additional request for accommodation (comfort, room orientation, floor, etc.), but cannot guarantee the fulfilment of such a request.


The passenger is obliged to:

– have valid travel documents (personal documents). The costs of loss or theft of documents and the consequences arising from loss or theft during the trip, shall be borne by the Traveler. Invalid travel documents, ie disapproval of a visa that results in cancellation of the trip, does not bind the Agency in any way, and the conditions of travel cancellation apply.

– ensure that he personally, his documents and luggage meet the requirements of visa, border, customs, health and other regulations, both in the Republic of Croatia and in the destination or transit countries. 

– abide to the house rules in catering and hotel facilities and cooperate with the representative of the travel organizer and service providers in good faith. In case of non-compliance with the stated obligations, the Traveler is liable for the damage caused, and the Agency removes all responsibility for such damage

– be vaccinated and have vaccination certificates and documents for travel to countries for which it is required according to the regulations of the World Health Organization. In this case, the passenger encloses a medical certificate. Non-possession of these documents as well as / or incorrectness of travel documents that lead to cancellation of the trip or inability to continue the trip are not binding on the Agency and cancellation costs are calculated

– comply with customs, foreign exchange regulations and the laws of the Republic of Croatia, as well as the laws of transit countries during the trip, as well as the countries in which he resides during the trip. In case of impossibility to arrive at the destination, due to violation of these regulations, all costs must be covered by the Traveler

We recommend that every passenger is personally informed on the website and view the list of high or moderate risk countries in the opinion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia or on other relevant websites or institutions of the home country.


The Agency is obliged to take care of the implementation of services as well as the selection of service providers with the due professional care, and to take care of the rights and interests of Travelers in accordance with the rules of the profession and good customs in tourism.

The Agency is obliged to issue and deliver to the Traveler appropriate documents for the paid trip.

The Agency excludes any liability in case of changes and non-performance of services caused by exceptional circumstances (item 1 of these Terms) and due to delays in means of transport for which the carrier is not responsible according to positive regulations and international conventions. In these cases, the Traveler pays all additional costs. The Agency is obliged to make available to the Traveler an offer or program / promotional material and these Terms in writing or electronically, provide all these services, acquaint him with sources of information about the country he travels to and the opinion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Republic of Croatia to the chosen country.


The Agency may cancel the trip in whole or in part in case when before or during the trip, extraordinary circumstances that cannot be avoided or eliminated occurre, and which, if occurred at the time of publication and sale of the offer or program, would be a valid reason to the organizer not to publish the offer/program or to receive applications from interested travelers.

The Agency reserves the right to change the day and time of departure due to changes in the carrier’s schedule or force majeure, as well as the right to change the direction of travel due to changed circumstances (new timetable, uncertain state, natural disasters, or other unforeseen reasons), without special compensation and in accordance with applicable regulations in passenger traffic.

If the Agency cancels the trip, the Traveler is entitled to a refund of the entire amount paid by the time of cancelation, but is not entitled to compensation on any basis (visa, vaccination, insurance costs or similar services required for each program). The Agency is not responsible for the delay of the carrier for any reason as well as for changes in the program and the costs incurred due to such delay. In these cases, the Traveler pays all additional costs.

If the Agency makes significant changes in the essential components of the trip (program, accommodation, price) before the start of the trip, it will without delay inform the Traveler in writing and offer him a modified offer or program. The passenger may accept the amended offer or program within the set time limit from the receipt of the notification, or reject it, in which case the cancellation deadlines will apply.

Contracted accommodation can be replaced only by accommodation in a facility of the same or higher category.

The Agency reserves the right to proceed with the trip without passengers who do not show up on time at the place of departure or transit, and the passenger’s absence will be considered a cancellation of the tourist service.


Pursuant to the Law on the Provision of Services in Tourism, the Agency’s employees are obliged to offer the Traveler a “package” of travel insurance and introduce him with the content. Travel insurance package contains: voluntary health insurance during a stay abroad, accident insurance, luggage insurance and travel cancellation insurance. By paying the advance, the Traveler confirms that he has been offered a travel insurance package. In the case that the Traveler requires these insurances, they can be contracted directly with one of the insurers or the Agency, with the Agency always participating only as an intermediary. We recommend that the Traveler carefully reads all the insurance conditions before purchasing the policy.


If the Traveler predicts that he would have to cancel the trip due to certain situations, we recommend the payment of the cancellation insurance policy. Cancellation insurance cannot be paid later but only when applying for a trip.

The insurance premium is calculated depending on the value of the trip and according to the price list and general conditions of the insurance company. By paying the cancellation insurance policy, the Traveler transfers all his claims to the insurance company whose cancellation insurance policy he owns, and the Agency undertakes to provide the Traveler with all documentation necessary to realize the Traveler’s claim against the insurance company. All cancellation conditions are listed in the insurance policy, and we recommend every Traveler to read them in person.


If the Traveler wishes to cancel the contracted trip, he must do so in writing. Depending on the conditions stated in the offer or program and accepted when paying the advance, the Traveler may or may not be entitled to a refund of the funds paid for the cancelled trip. The date of receipt of the written cancellation is the basis for the calculation of compensation to the Agency or the return of funds to the Traveler, all according to the conditions specified in the offer or program. The advance payment will be included in the calculation of damages. Unless otherwise agreed and stated in the program or offer, the calculation will be made:

– up to 30 days before the start of the service, 25% of the package price is retained by the Agency

– 29 to 15 days before the start of the service, 80% of the package price is retained by the Agency

– 14 to 0 days before the service and after the start of the service 100% of the package price is retained by the Agency

For cancellation from 14 to 0 days before the start of the service, or for “no-show” (if the Traveler does not show up) or for interruption of the trip caused by the Traveler, or in case the Traveler cancels the tourist service after its start, the Agency will withhold or request the entire amount of the trip in the name of compensation for the damage suffered or charge 100% of the price of the arrangement.

In case of cancellation of a trip that is agreed 7 or less days before the start of the service, the Agency has the right to keep or request the full amount of the agreed arrangement.

Airline tickets in individual trips or arrangements are not subject to the above cancellation costs, but any refund is calculated according to the terms of the tariff issued by the airline of which the Traveler is notified when booking and paying for the arrangement.

The stated cancellation costs also apply to changes in the departure date or accommodation facility, or room / apartment type, as well as to all other significant changes.

A different cancellation scale from the one listed here is in the offer or program to which the scale in question applies.

In case of cancellation, the Traveler is not entitled to reimbursement of any costs of visas, insurance, vaccinations, etc.

When the costs actually incurred or when the share in the fixed costs is higher than those listed in the above scales, the Agency reserves the right to compensation in the amount of the costs actually incurred.

If the name and surname of the Traveler who registered for the trip (e.g., when issuing airline tickets) differs from the name written on the travel documentation, the Agency has the right to collect damages caused by inaccurate data. If the correction is not made on time and the Traveler is in a situation where he cannot check in for the flight for the stated reason, the Agency is not responsible for the damage.


Carriage of luggage up to a certain weight, determined by the carrier, is free of charge.

In the case of air transport, the excess baggage is paid by the Traveler himself according to the applicable rules and prices of the carrier. The Agency is not responsible for damaged, destroyed, lost and stolen luggage or valuables during transport or in the accommodation unit (it is always advisable to rent a safe, if available, or pay insurance that includes problems with lost or stolen luggage).

The Traveler refers the report for damaged or stolen luggage to the carrier or the responsible person in the accommodation facility, depending on where the damage or loss occurred. In the case of air transport, luggage is the sole responsibility of the airline, based on the regulations in force in air transport.

We recommend paying for a luggage insurance policy.


The Traveler is obliged to inform the Agency about all facts regarding his health, habits, etc., which could jeopardize the course of the trip (if for health and other reasons he asks for a certain type of food, suffers from chronic diseases, allergies, etc.).

Some offers, programs or promotional materials set out special travel rules that include mandatory vaccinations and the purchase of appropriate documents. The Traveler is obliged to perform the obligatory vaccination as well as to have certificates and documents about it when mandatory. 

We recommend paying for a health insurance policy.

If you have a certain medical condition that is causing you travel problems or difficulties, and you are thinking about traveling, we recommend that you consult your doctor before traveling, especially if the medical condition requires daily routine care, emergency care or a high-risk pregnancy.


By purchasing an electronic airline ticket, you conclude a travel contract with the organizer, the service provider – the airline. It is important to study the airline’s Transport Conditions and Fares well.

The conditions of air transport of passengers and luggage are defined by the air carrier and the passenger is obliged to comply with them.

The Agency has the role of intermediary in the purchase and is not able to change the rules prescribed by the service provider with whom you have concluded a contract of carriage, or airline.

A travel ticket is a document that is, if not specifically stated differently, not transferable to another person.

Flight segments must be used in the order indicated on the itinerary of the flight.

Special airline rules apply to each ticket.

The conditions of the carrier’s tariff that was valid on the day of payment of the ticket are respected.


If the services from the offer or program are incomplete or of poor quality, the Traveler may file a written complaint.

Each Traveler – contract holder submits a complaint separately. The Agency will not accept group complaints in the procedure. Complaint procedure:

– immediately, at the place of providing the service, the Traveler advertises the inappropriate service with the representative of the Agency, and if there is no such, with the service provider. The Traveler is obliged to cooperate with the representative of the Agency and the service provider in good faith to eliminate the causes of the complaint. If the Traveler does not accept the offered solution to the complaint on the spot, which corresponds to the paid service, the Agency will not accept the subsequent complaint of the Traveler and does not undertake to respond to it.

– if the cause of the complaint would not be remedied at the place of service, the Traveler with a representative of the Agency or the service provider draws up a written confirmation in three identical copies, signed by these persons where one signed copy is kept by the Traveler, one by the service provider and one by the Agency.

– no later than eight (8) days after returning from the trip, the Traveler submits a written complaint to the Agency at the address of its seat. Only fully documented complaints received within the set deadline and signed by the authorized person from the previous paragraph of this article with possible attachments (invoices for additional costs, etc.) will be accepted into the procedure.

– The Agency will respond in writing to the complaint within 15 days of receiving it. The Agency will resolve only those complaints for which the cause could not be eliminated at the place of service

– until the written legal deadline of the Agency, the Traveler waives the mediation of any other person in resolving the situation.

– The Agency and the Traveler will try to resolve any dispute amicably, otherwise they agree on the jurisdiction of the court in Rijeka, and Croatian law applies.


Pursuant to the Tourism Services Act, the Agency has a contract with the insurer for liability insurance for damage caused to the Traveler by non-fulfillment, partial fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations related to travel: policy number / contract 45 – 7002810076, paid to UNIQA osiguranje dd , Zagreb, phone. 01 / 6324-200.


The Traveler and the Agency will try to resolve all possible disputes amicably, and if this is not possible, both parties accept the jurisdiction of the Rijeka court, while the applicable law will be the law of the Republic of Croatia.

These Terms and Conditions enter into force on the day of their publication on the Agency’s website

Any amendment to these Terms will be done and made public and communicated in accordance with the provisions of these Terms.

In Rijeka, November 4, 2021.


We are fully committed to protecting Your privacy and we responsibly assure You that the protection of Your personal data is a priority when conducting and organizing all business processes.

We respect the confidentiality of all your personal data and always act in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and other regulations governing the protection of personal data and privacy provisions.

Passengers share their personal information voluntarily.

All information about the Traveler will be kept by the Agency as a business secret.

Without the approval of the Traveler, except in cases prescribed by law, Agency will not disclose to anyone: his address, place and time of travel, stay, price paid or the names of his companions.

The Agency will not provide personal data of the Traveler to any third party without the prior explicit and written consent of the Traveler, unless required to do so by law or a decision of the competent authority. The exception to the provision of personal data to third parties relates to the contracting of insurance, ie if the Traveler concludes an insurance policy, then his personal data will be forwarded to the insurance company. The Traveler’s personal data will be stored in the database in accordance with the Decision of the Management Board on the manner of collecting, processing and storing personal data. The Traveler agrees that his personal data may be used for the purpose of implementing contractual arrangements and marketing actions of the Agency.

During its regular operations, the travel agency Away (hereinafter: the Agency) enters into a large number of relations, both with consumers and with business partners and its own employees. Therefore, it is necessary to differentiate to which these data protection provisions apply, ie the types of interaction.

These provisions apply only in the following cases:

– if you visit our website, including online booking of facilities or other services on our website

– if you use our services of booking facilities and other tourist services and for these purposes you communicate directly with us

– if you share reviews of your stay on applicable websites

– if you subscribe to our advertisements (newsletter)

– if you cancel the reservation and you need to return the paid amount

– if you pay the amount of the reservation by bank transfer and credit cards

– if you contact us for employment purposes.

Processing of personal data

During our business interaction with you, we process various personal data. Processing will depend on the type of interaction we have and the service we provide.

We display personal data that we process and for what purpose:

Name, surname and contact details (address, e-mail, telephone / mobile number):

1. Reservation request:

Use of data – We use this data to process your request for accommodation booking, find the accommodation option that suits you best, arrange your potential stay in the desired destination, as well as the transport or transfers to desired destination (ex. plane or train tickets). In order to be able to process subsequent claims related to your stay in the facility, sometimes we may store this category of data for a limited period of time after your stay in the facility has ended.

Why do we use data? – In order to provide you with the service you are looking for.

Legal basis – Execution of the contract, legal obligation and legitimate interest of the Agency.

2. Processing guest reviews

Use of data – We also use your contact information to ask you for your opinion and review of the facility you have used. If you give us permission to do so, we will make your review public.

Why do we use data? – We carry out this process in order to examine your satisfaction with our service, make certain changes in the future and for marketing purposes if you give us your consent.

Legal basis – Legitimate interest of the Agency and your consent.

3. Advertising notices

Use of data – If you give us your consent, we will send you an e-mail newsletter with information about our service, news and promotions.

Why do we use data? – The purpose of this process are marketing services.

Legal basis – Your consent.

4. Payment and refund

Use of data – we will also use your personal data for the purpose of processing the payment of the amount you are obliged to pay for your stay in the selected accommodation facility. Sometimes, you will be entitled to a refund, so we will use this personal information for that purpose as well.

Why do we use data? – The purpose of this process is the mutual fulfillment of obligations under the lease or travel agreement that we have concluded with you.

Legal basis – Execution of the services/contract

5. Testing of candidates for jobs in the Agency

Use of data – When you contact us as a potential candidate for a job at the Agency, we will use your personal data to process your application and conduct pre-employment testing.

Why do we use data? – The purpose of this process is to perform the actions that are necessary and precede the employment process.

Flat basis – Execution of actions required before concluding an employment contract.

Date of birth, place of birth and residence, citizenship, OIB and personal documents (identity card, passport):

1. Processing of reservations

Use of data – We use this data to process your request for accommodation booking, find the accommodation option that suits you best, arrange your potential stay in the desired destination, as well as the transport or transfers to desired destination (ex. plane or train tickets).

Why do we use data? – In order to provide you with the service you are looking for.

Legal basis – Execution of contracts and legal obligation of the Agency.

2. Testing job candidates

Use of data – When you contact us as a potential candidate for a job at the Agency, we will use your personal data to process your application and conduct pre-employment testing.

Why do we use data? – The purpose of this process is to perform the actions that are necessary and precede the employment process.

Legal basis – Execution of actions required before concluding an employment contract.

Payment data (IBAN, SWIFT number, credit card type data and anonymized card number data):

1. Payment and refunds

How We use your personal data – we will also use your personal data for the purpose of processing the payment of the amount you are obliged to pay for your stay in the selected facility, plane ticket or overall arrangement. Sometimes, you will be entitled to a refund, so we will use this personal information for that purpose as well. 

Why do we use data? – The purpose of this process is the mutual fulfillment of obligations under the lease agreement that we have concluded with you.

Legal basis – Execution of the contract.

Who processes your personal data?

Away d.o.o. for services, travel agency, based in Rijeka, Giuseppea Carabina 5, OIB 76103081867, MBS 040373695 (the Agency) is the processing manager within the meaning of REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 April 2016. (“GDPR”) on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

Exchange of personal data

Depending on the type of your interaction with the Agency, we will share certain personal information with third parties. We guarantee that the purpose of the exchange is not the use of your personal data, but we exchange them in order to provide quality and timely service and compliance with legal and regulatory obligations.

As a result, the Agency will be able to provide certain personal data to the following entities, depending on the situation, or the data will be available to them due to the nature of the process:

– to the owners of the holiday facilities you have chosen so that your stay can be performed

– third party service providers that process personal data either on behalf of the Agency or on a separate legal basis, all in order to be able to effectively fulfill the requested service, or deliver products and packages based on joint business cooperation and / or using a joint service and / or legitimate interest (eg processing your booking and payment, processing your reviews and advertising). Such service providers may use personal data only to the extent and for the purpose of orders received from the Agency or according to rules set by them as heads of personal data processing (eg Facebook, Instagram,, etc.). In any case, the Agency sets the privacy and protection of personal data that it processes as a priority and with a special decision on the selection of partners carefully and applying a high standard of professional care.

– to third parties and public bodies, as follows: (a) to comply with laws or regulations, (b) to comply with a mandatory instruction or order of a public institution, (c) to prevent and / or report abusive and illegal activities, (d) to protect the rights and personal security of our employees, or (e) if required by lawsuits and other legal requirements

– to all other persons in respect of whom we have received your express consent to exchange.

Exceptionally, in the event of status changes of the Agency’s company (eg merger, amalgamation, separation, etc.), your personal data may be transferred to another legal entity.

The time period for storing your data

The period of storage of your personal data will depend on the purpose for which it was collected. We guarantee that we will not keep your data longer than is necessary to carry out the purpose for which it was collected.

Sometimes, in certain cases, we may have a legal obligation to keep certain data for a longer period than is necessary to achieve the purpose of the processing. In such case, we will store personal data only within the statutory minimum. Thus, for example, records and documents on daily cash transactions, business books and accounting documents and other records must be kept for a minimum of 10 years.

We would like to inform you that, in addition to fulfilling the preconditions prescribed by the GDPR, you have the right to request the deletion of your personal data in the possession of the Agency. Instructions on how to exercise your rights are detailed in the section below – Your rights.

Your rights

In order to control the processing of your personal data, you have a large number of rights that, in statutory cases, you can exercise directly to the Agency.

These are the rights:

– the right to request information on whether the Agency is processing your data and, if so, to request detailed information on the processing itself

– the right to request access to your personal data, in a way that the Agency makes a copy of it, in physical or digital form

– the right to request the correction of your incorrectly or incompletely stated personal data that we possess

– the right to request to delete your personal data that we possess

– the right to request to limit the processing of your personal data

– the right to object to the processing of your personal data by the Agency, in particular with regard to direct marketing based on the legitimate interest of the Agency and automated processing

– the right to withdraw consent for the processing of your personal data at any time, if the processing is based on consent

– the right to file a complaint to the supervisory body in Croatia, Personal Data Protection Agency, Selska cesta 136, Zagreb,, phone: 01 4609-000.

In case you want to activate any of the above rights (except the last one, AZOP), please contact us via official e-mail. Please note that in order to successfully process your request, we will first need to establish your identity (eg by sending a copy of your ID card). The stated personal data will be used exclusively for the purpose of identification and will be deleted immediately after identification.

The exercise of the above rights is completely free. However, in the event that your claims are manifestly unfounded or excessive (eg due to frequent repetition within a short period of time), we reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee for handling the request or to refuse to act on the request.


The Agency is fully aware that children are a particularly vulnerable group and pays special attention to the protection of their personal data. The Agency’s services are not intended for persons under 16 years of age. In some cases, for the purpose of booking a stay in the facility or plane ticket, it is necessary to collect and use data on children who will stay with their parents, legal representatives or guardians in the selected facility. We will only process this information if it is provided by or with the consent of a parent, legal representative or guardian. If we learn that we are processing data about a child under the age of 16 without the valid consent of a parent or guardian, we will delete the same data immediately.


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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are automatically saved on your computer, tablet or mobile phone (hereinafter: the Device) when you visit a particular website. This allows the website that sent the cookie or the website that recognizes the stored cookie to “remember” your Device.

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More information about cookies

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Privacy Notice Changes

In order to comply with the requirements of the GDPR and other applicable regulations and laws, this Privacy Notice was updated and amended on November 4, 2021.

In the case that we make significant changes, we will clearly and timely inform you so that you can study all the changes made and decide for yourself whether to continue to use the services of the Agency. Depending on the type of personal data processing, the notice will be published on the Agency’s website.

How to contact us?

We are at your disposal at any time to contact us regarding the processing of personal data by the Agency in the event when:

– you want to accomplish any of your aforementioned rights;

– in general, you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the processing of personal data.

Feel free to contact us during the working hours of the Agency, through the following channels:

Contact person: Anja Ban