From the idea to the goal

Discovering the world from early youth, privately and with time through business as well, somehow the idea of this project imposed itself. With years of traveling and participating in numerous events, we have witnessed many frustrating situations whose solving and coordination always required our own engagement and losing our precious time. Starting with flight tickets and transfers, the frequently frustrating dealings with unfamiliar surroundings, hotel accommodation, the reservation and premises for meetings or seminars to informal gatherings and social meetings, they all demand a certain level of organization and a certain time necessary in order that all of these things fall into place as intended.

Modern lifestyle often leaves us a little time for detailed planning of our individual and our business trips as well as our business gatherings or promotions of a certain product or service. Considering that everything here stated is nowadays inevitable, we believe that an agency specialized in such a form of organization, planning and everything that is involved in planning a trip, is certainly welcomed!

Therefore we wish to offer businesses and individuals, whose executives are predominately foreign legal persons or organizations, a comprehensive service in the organization of business travel both for their employees as well as for other individuals and business associates for whom such trips are part of their everyday life.

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