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July 23, 2019
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Lately, we can hear quite often a term – digital nomads. But what hides behind those words and who are they really? Digital nomads are people who can work from any part of the world as long as they have a wi-fi connection. They are journalists, developers, photographers, bloggers, authors, writers, consultants, translators..

Thanks to today’s exceptional customization technology, people are given the mobility and flexibility to work or collaborate without any geographical constraint. So, they are people who do their jobs exclusively through the internet and therefore are not tied to a specific place. You can often see them working in coffee shops, public libraries, common areas they share with other “mobile workers” or from the comfort of their own homes. 9 to 5 working time doesn’t exist when you are a digital nomad. Digital nomads can create their working hours when they want, depending obviously on the amount of work that has to be done. Some days nomads work 2 hours a day but on the other side, some days they have to work up to 12 hours, there are no rules.

Digital nomads are changing up-to-today business standards. The office is where the internet is and nomadic jobs are becoming “normal jobs” of new generations. New business trends are heading to this direction and in the near future less jobs will be handled in classic offices within the classic office hours. This type of job allows you great personal freedom in creating your own life and the way you want to spend your precious time. Entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and self-discipline are crucial if you want to be successful as a digital nomad but it is a small price to pay for all the benefits that come from it.

Digital nomads depend solely on personal effort and how much they are willing to work. Their earnings depend on that as well. In fact, there is no limit to how much they can earn; they will earn as much as they are ready to work. We are certain that this type of making a living will become more popular with time considering the fact that the people are waking up and starting to realize what are their priorities. We need job to be able to live, not the other way around. What are your passions? What are your hobbies? Follow them, do what makes you happy and try to create the life you deserve.