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April 19, 2019
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June 4, 2019

People often wonder if traveling with a baby is complicated and then often choose to postpone the trip until the child grows or they travel without the child, assuming that the journey will be complicated.

This is particularly an issue for trips that include traveling with an airplane. Children are not really complicated but adults often are. It’s all about the attitude and how we approach a certain experience and by changing the attitude, we change the experience. Traveling with a baby, regardless of baby’s age and the fact the it may not remember the trip, should be enjoying the common experience, exploring the world, and sharing memories from the earliest days.

We have prepared several tips for your trip together:

  1. Don’t be afraid. Babies are stronger than you think and nothing will happen to them. They are humans just like you are, only in a smaller format. Just in case, take travel insurance for yourself and your child.
  2. When choosing accommodation, if you are staying in a hotel, choose a baby friendly hotel and kindly ask them to arrange transportation from the airport.
  3. If you are traveling by plane, you can bring your baby’s stroller with you for free and simply hand it over as luggage. When taking off and landing, give your child a bottle or put him on your breast – drinking is very good for pressure regulation, and the baby will most likely fall asleep. When babies are concerned, the rules for the amount of food and fluid you can bring with you on the plane are slightly different and vary from company to company. Therefore, we recommend to consult with the company you are flying with about the above mentioned. Also, take few of your child’s favorite toys on the plane.
  4. Respect your baby’s sleep patterns and organize your activities according to your child’s current schedule.
  5. Always have changing mats with you. You never know when or where you will have to change your baby.
  6. Talk to your child along the way, wherever you are and pretend to be a guide. Maybe it won’t understand what you are saying but your baby will certainly be animated and satisfied. This means that you will be satisfied as well and you’ll be able to enjoy your journey completely!

When it comes to traveling with the plane and baby on the plane, there are lots of specific issues and doubts involved in the organization, especially as far as baby equipment is concerned. What we can advise you is to carry your stroller everywhere with you. They are a life savior, especially if you are planning long walks. Most airline companies, even those low cost, allow you to take two items of baby equipment free of charge on the plane; for example – the stroller and the auxiliary seat / the travel cot. Also, you can have your stroller with you right until you enter the plane and often it will wait for you in front of the plane right after landing. If you are traveling long distance, you can reserve carrycot or child seat so you and your baby can be more comfortable during the flight. Airlines such as British Airways for example, offer this option free of charge for children up to two years of age. Furthermore, in the case of long flights, we advise you to choose those night ones because your baby will probably sleep most of the time.

There is a solution to every problem, the key is in good planning. So, don’t be afraid of traveling with your baby and do not limit yourself unnecessarily. The babies are adventure and so is life! Let your trip with a baby be one wonderful life adventure!