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February 12, 2020

The impact of the corona virus on planet Earth

From the moment the corona virus has stopped the humanity, our planet started to breathe again. It`s impossible not to notice positive impact this human enemy has left on planet Earth. Although, in this kind of situation, we are solely focused on our own survival, researches and the resulting facts show that this virus has brought about only positive changes for the planet and the animals on it.

As a large number of countries have introduced quarantine and declared a state of emergency, the movement of people around the Planet has decreased dramatically. Air travel has been reduced to a minimum, cars are much less driven and people spend most of their time in their homes, which results in a significant reduction of planet`s pollution and a visible regeneration of nature. The first major proof is China, which is considered one of the most polluted countries in the world. In cities such as Hong Kong and Beijing one could not breathe normally and now, the sky is clear and blue without smog and clouds and the air is fresh. Other countries, such as Spain and Italy, have reported significantly less air pollution, while the otherwise murky Venetian canals are now clear, filled with fish and are showing all their beauty and splendor.

Now, when the human impact has been reduced, it is clear that there is still life in this canals. The Himalayan mountain range is visible from Indian cities 230 km away for the first time since World War II, due to less pollution.

The current situation has reduced CO2 emissions in large quantities across the planet, allowing the Earth to finally breathe after a long period of human oppression and to return to its natural state. The effects of this massive setback of the humanity can be noticed around the world.

Was it really necessary for a crisis like this to happen in order to have cleaner water and air? Are we really so unaware of how dependent we are on our planet and how independent our planet is of us? One of the good things that has come from this whole cataclysm is certainly its positive effect on nature, and without nature we cannot survive. With our behavior and negligence we have brought our Planet to the brink of extinction; Earth’s lungs are disappearing, the ecosystem is collapsing.

When man stops interfering, the nature begins to breathe again. But what if we don`t have to step aside, what if we could live in cohesion with nature by protecting her the way she protects us? Maybe we desperately needed this whole situation so we could all readjust our priorities and look beyond our own wants and needs and realize how small and powerless and how dependent we are on Mother Earth and her resources. She said – enough; and the only thing she asks of us is to love her the same way she loves us.