Away offers the complete organization of private trips as well as business trips for legal persons and their employees and individuals with whom there exists the interest and need for the organization of business trips.

The organization encompasses the wishes and needs of our clients in their entirety. Apart from organizing business travels, Away also offers organization and overall management of various corporate events such as conferences, seminars, educational activities, promotional events, business meetings, fairs and sporting events.


Away offers the complete organisation of business trips for legal persons and their employees and individuals with whom there exists the interest and need for the organisation of business trips. The organisation encompasses the wishes and needs of our clients in their entirety.

In situations of unavoidable and frequent business trips, the organisation of the same falls solely on the shoulders of the clients. Starting with flight tickets and transfers, the frequently frustrating dealings with unfamiliar surroundings, hotel accommodation, the reservation and premises for meetings or seminars to informal gatherings and social meals, they all demand a certain level of organisation and a certain time necessary in order that all of these fall into place as intended.

In this kind of situation our services unburden our clients of the worry about the organisation of travel and in this way our clients have more time for realising the purpose of their trip itself.

Along with everything mentioned, we also arrange the organisation of travel in conjunction with work in situations when company employees have to go to various training courses, congresses, seminars etc. This is a situation in which you know where and when you have to be, but you don’t know the fastest and cheapest way to reach the destination.


You`ve had a successful business year and would like to reward your employees and their families with a beautiful and unforgettable journey?

We`ll do our best to make this trip an unforgettable experience. We can organize everything for you and your employees. From adventures to unforgettable gastronomic delights, all for the optimal price.

You can leave it all to us - accommodation, transport on site, your arrival, your departure and your time. Let us worry about all that things for you and your employees.

Nowadays our lives have become more accelerated and stressful and unfortunately this leaves us so little time for our personal, private trips and even less time for their organization. In order to make your trip more carefree and enjoyable, while at the same time perfectly planned, Away offers you a complete and thorough travel organization, fully respecting all client's wishes and needs.

Each trip is planned based on specific personal requests and therefore we are proud to say that every trip is "unique". Unlike organized group trips in which an individual is strictly tied to the group activities, the advantage of this kind of travel is not only that the entire route is fully planned, but you can also enjoy it all by yourself, and you can change the schedule of activities, all in accordance with your current mood and wishes.

Furthermore, the trip is followed by a comprehensive and detailed itinerary that includes absolutely every information that will be useful to the client during the trip, all in order to make that experience more carefree and more fluent. Pick a destination, express your desires and needs and let us wow you!

To its clients, Away offers a possibility of organizing a luxury travel as well! Experience our "concierge travel" service where the travel itinerary can be changed how, when and where you want it.

Our goal is to plan a personalized travels in which all your desires will be realized on the spot! Your word is our command. Travel assistance 24/7, luxury yachts, helicopters, private jets and various desired excursions, nothing is impossible!

Your only task is to relax and enjoy the experience, sure in knowing that every aspect of your travel will exceed your expectations.

Save your time by hiring a personal virtual assistant to organize your individual and business trips. Research and organization of both individual and business trips, requires a lot of time. It's certainly easier if you hire a person to help you with your travel arrangements, especially if you take on other aspects of your role.

By hiring a PVA, you are freeing your private and business hours, while the PVA is researching and providing you with a comprehensive overview of all the options that will fit within your or your company budget and the time frame you need. You will also get all the additional information you have not even considered.

During organization of each trip, there are numerous separate entities that need to be coordinated each for themselves and ultimately connected in a successful whole. This is where a personal virtual assistant is of great help, coordinates and solves every situation while you are carefree and completely devoted to your role during the trip. The PVA`s specificity is exactly in this “virtual escort” during a trip, which is available 24/7.

We are available at any time of the day, assisting and resolving when you are not able to!

Why should you hire a personal virtual assistant:

  • identifies and understands the wishes and needs of the client
  • communicates with service providers
  • provides the best possible help during your both private and business travel
  • offers you an option of buying airline tickets and insurance policies
  • informs its clients
  • PVA is acquainted with the company's travel policy, budget, and loyalty program.

It’s easier than ever to book airplane tickets nowadays. Even airline companies have their own web sites providing information about fares, booking and purchasing tickets online.

Beside them, there is a number of travel agencies where you can buy plane ticket for your trip but despite the fact that everything is simplified and there is no need to personally collect your ticket in the agency or airplane company sometimes it is difficult to find convenient flight for your destination by yourself. Even for experienced travelers this process usually requires certain time and skills.

Save your time and nerves because our agency can do everything for you. It is that simple and quick. Without hassle.

You find yourself in the situation when your business partners or clients should arrive and as a good host you want to find an adequate accommodation and treat them well. Alongside all the responsibilities your company has you are left with short time to organize their stay and time.

Most often you need a larger and/or better equipped meeting room or a congress hall, make dinner reservations or plan a small gathering afterwards which requires a great deal of your precious time. It`s better to leave the organization of mentioned things to a specialized agency which will make sure to arrange everything needed and more.

Team Away knows how and where, and most importantly, for optimal price.


With many years of experience in the organisation of business travel we have gained an enviable level in all of our services!



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Our services also include the organisation of various activities in the destination itself.