Apart from organizing business travels, Away also offers organization and overall management of various corporate events such as conferences, seminars, educational activities, promotional events, business meetings, fairs and sporting events.

Companies often decide to take the event organization and management upon themselves, believing their employees can take the extra work and do a great job while at it. However, the truth is a bit different, since event organization and management is a pretty demanding job.

Event management requires a lot of strategic thinking, planning and effort in order to achieve the intended goal and ultimately collect valuable feedback during and post event. In addition to the overall planning, consulting and marketing activities, as well as resource and web management, Away takes care of all those delicate aspects of event management that cannot be seen of felt, but are essential to ensuring all things run smoothly. And by this we mainly refer to unpredictable situations event participants should not experience. Away is here to make sure that all participants and other key figures are at the right place in the right time, ready to assume their roles and deliver what was planned and agreed upon.

Away, event and travel agency is at your disposal, here to grant your wishes, meet your every demands and deliver a top experience. Add Away as the secret ingredient to your event organization and management and spice up your event.

You have a new product or service you want to present to your existing and new customers? Everything is ready, you just have to organize the whole event. How? We know!

You can leave the organization of the space and all the equipment needed for an adequate presentation to us. From choosing a showroom, catering, hostess organization to everything a presentation of a product or service should have.

We can also arrange the support staff and all the other necessary services, from the parking lot to the wardrobe organization.

All you need to do is prepare your product and necessary marketing materials and we will do our utmost to ensure that you and your clients are satisfied. We will also make sure to prepare a presentation of your new product or service in the best way possible.

Today we are witnessing the increasing popularity and need for organizing various seminars, fairs, conferences and other events, the organization and management of which raises the issue of project complexity and professional service once again comes as a welcome and much needed help.

What makes Away stand out among competition is our passion, dedication and commitment and these are also the key success factors for achieving all goals.

In addition to taking over the overall logistics management, Away commits to deliver innovative solutions and apply most recent knowledge in your event organization and management. We pay special attention to providing networking opportunities for participants and improving market competitiveness. Our agency will make sure you achieve every goal set forth, taking into account fundamental and key issues of interest to all participants of the event.

Part of our professional services includes concept and strategy elaboration, choosing locations, venues and equipment, budget planning, marketing and PR activities, taking care of staff, participants and guests, planning and booking of exhibition space, catering and more.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will make sure to put your thoughts into action!

All the meetings with your business partners are over at mutual pleasure and it is time to celebrate a successful cooperation, but you don`t know how.

You are not sure whether to take your partners out for a dinner, to a party or something completely different. How to entertain business partners and at the same time build a more intimate relation with them?

Don`t worry, you can leave it to us. Starting with location and invitations, through meals and pleasant atmosphere, music or even professional entertainers, considering your wishes we will plan and organize the whole gathering or event.

We`ll make sure to do a flawless event organization, and you will have an unforgettable get-together with your business partners.

As a sports association you are organizing a competition, a match, sports preparations or you are just attending a sports event. There are a million questions and problems that need to be resolved to be able to adequately accommodate athletes from other cities and countries or organize your own trip to a certain sports event.

Where to accommodate athletes and staff? How to arrange a transportation from the place of residence to the sports ground? How to organize an athletes` leisure time? These are all the questions that everyone, who deals with these kinds activities, is faced with in such situations.

We know the answers. We know how to organize your arrival to the destination, how to choose a suitable accommodation, how to host the athletes from other cities and countries and how to fulfill their and your leisure time.

We all know that nowadays team building is an essential part of every business organization. Team building helps not only to strengthen the team spirit, but also to acquire various team skills. So you know it's important, but you don`t have time to arrange it all by yourself or you`re not quite sure what activities team building should have.

We have great experience in planning team building and we can help you organize the activities for a smaller team building as well.

When organizing such events, we cover all aspects: from the organization of excursions, meeting rooms to workshops, socializing and entertainment.

With our team building organization you will get a complete arrangement in which your employees will learn a lot, but they will also have fun and build a great team spirit. After a good team building, relationships among your employees will reach a new, better level.


With many years of experience in the organisation of business travel we have gained an enviable level in all of our services!



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