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November 21, 2017
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From arranging meetings for small groups of people to organizing conventions

Did you know that the establishment of the first travel agency dates back to the organization of a certain convention?

I was a rail journey of temperance campaigners from Leicester who went to visit their likeminded fellows in Loughborough. Thanks to the organizer of the trip, Thomas Cookpaid, travelers paid a shilling a head for the return train journey with the afternoon English tea service included in the ticket price. The success of the excursion was such that it resulted in the founding of the first travel agency – Cook (back in the 1841).

Today, things are a bit different. Apart from the fact that convention participants often come from all parts of the world and reaching their destinations requires much time and effort, making the arrangement of transportation and accommodation is often also left on their hands, and the price they end up paying is often quite more than one shilling. A successful excursion also won’t result in the establishment of a new travel agency. Nowadays, there are agencies you can rely upon to take on the organization of such an event or you can avail their services as a support for just certain aspects of the organization, for example making transport and accommodation arrangements for the convention participants and guests etc. The event and travel agency Away is a representative of such an agency specializing in organizing all types of business events and business travel.

If you wish to be at ease and leave the entire organization of such an event to professionals, or you simply need a little helping hand in certain organizational aspects such as making ​​transportation and accommodation arrangements for participants and other guests, do not hesitate to contact us.

You are invited to participate at such an event and you find yourself in a situation that you know where and when you need to be, but don’t know the best and fastest way to reach your destination? Contact us! With minimum effort on your part, after you share the key information with us, we take over the responsibility for organizing your travel and participation. This way, while saving time and effort, you will be pleased to receive a detailed itinerary that will allow you to reach the desired destination in time and enjoy your participation at the convention.