Concierge – will do anything, as long as it’s legal, moral and ethical

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Concierge – will do anything, as long as it’s legal, moral and ethical

„I think I`m doing one of the most stresfull jobs that exist! Unfortunately, I`m hooked on it. I absolutely enjoy beeing a concierge, I love that psychedelic level of adrenaline that fills me and empties me on an everyday level. The more unusual and crazier the demands of the quests are, the bigger challenge for me”, reports Jutarnji list a testimony of a concierge.

What is actually a concierge and what is his role? If you are searching on the Internet, you will most likely come across a sentence that says,”Concierge will do anything as long as it`s legal, moral and ethical”. This description is actually very accurate because the variety of services a concierge is willing to do for a guest has no limits. Recently, the popularity of concierge services in the world is growing, however, the first thing that comes to mind when we meet this concept is – a hotel concierge. Some would say the receptionist or the key guard. And they`d be right! Still, this is just a small part of what the concierge business actually is.

The word concierge comes from the French phrase – comte des cierges which means – a candle keeper. A candle keeper is known for his role at medieval castles where he was of service to residents and visitors of the castle. This is probably one of the reasons why concierge services are more popular among people who are top managers, VIP clients of banks or hotels with 5 or more stars, pop stars or simply people who have enough money to not have to deal personally with things that take away precious energy and time.

Janitor, doorman or guardian are just some of the terms you will find in the literature, but none of them covers everything that concierge does. He has to be well acquainted with the shops, exhibitions, local restaurants, sights and current events to be able to inform the guests. Besides of being a source of useful information, a great concierge is also trained for more complex, sometimes bizarre tasks; everything that can come to mind of a particularly imaginative guest. You could say that a concierge is alpha and omega in a burning and exciting rhythm which never says “no” to a guest.

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