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November 21, 2017

Choose an good team building organizer and treat yourself and your employees with an extra-special experience

You care about your company’s human resources and want to develop a healthy working environment to make your employees more satisfied and successful in performing their jobs?

Or you simply want to increase the quality of teamwork and show your employees you value them? It is prefect time for arranging a team building!

Statistics show that only 5% of companies in the Republic of Croatia understand the meaning and importance of team buildings. Moreover, one of main problems modern companies face is the issue of achieving the optimal level of teamwork necessary for business to thrive. Even if a team is composed of top experts their work, will not have optimal results unless they communicate with each other and have a healthy working relationship. Therefore, team building emerged as the best and fastest solution to communication and other workplace problems and an opportunity to strengthen interpersonal relations and efficiency by engaging in collaborative tasks or activities.

The emergence of team building can be traced back to 1980s and it represents one of the trademarks of capitalism. As the very name suggests, it was conceived as a set of educational and recreational activities that are both fun and aimed at boosting team spirit and improving interpersonal relations and trust among employees.

If you do not know where to begin, for starters define the purpose of your business and this will greatly facilitate further decision making. Also, to achieve the true goal of team building, address several key questions to determine the desired end result, such as:

  • Why arrange a team building?
  • Would you like to reward your employees?
  • Would you want to offer your employees a chance to relax and add some fun to everyday work?
  • Are there any issues among the employees you want to address?
  • What results do you expect to achieve after team building?

Upon answering the above questions and determining the current state and working environment, it is time to set up a program and define activities that will be well suited for your team and help increase the productivity of your business, while at the same time reward your employees and help them relax.

AWAY event and travel agency has exactly what you need; we take pride in our personal approach and we attend to the needs and demands of each and every client with the aim of creating a more successful business environment among employees – which is a task that requires skillful management.

If you feel your employees do not believe that team building would contribute to the quality of their work and interpersonal relations, or you do not want to make them participate in adrenaline or trust games which are not to every person’s liking, we suggest arranging a different kind of team building – one achieved through participation in charity and fundraising activities that will certainly have a positive impact, both for the public community and for your business community. Every humanitarian effort is welcome throughout the year, not just during the holidays and gift season when most such activities take place.

Depending on the needs and desires of your company as well as your employees, AWAY event and travel agency can offer you a variety of programs, whether you would prefer more formal gathering aimed at strengthening business collaboration and productivity or a more relaxed one, offering a variety of leisure activities.

Choose a good organizing partner and treat yourself and your employees with an extra-special experience and as a result your team will be more productive, more successful and just better.