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Berlin – love at first visit

If you haven’t visited Berlin yet, let this be a sign for you it’s time to do so. This amazing city is filled with eclectic blend of culture, history and gorgeous sights. It is a city that intrigues and accepts every visitor with open arms. Whether you’re staying over the weekend, a whole week or even a month, this interesting and lively city will not allow you to feel bored not even for a second. There is so much being offered and a fairly varied mix of sights you will see certainly won’t leave you indifferent.

The best means of transport in Berlin is – a bike! Especially if you want to see as much as possible in as less time as possible. And let us not forget about the physical activity component that is certainly present with the use of this means of transport. There are plenty places in Berlin where you can rent a bike so you shouldn’t have any problems with that.

There are several key sights and places we would definitely suggest you to visit during your visit so be sure not to miss:

  1. Brandenburg Gate – one of the most important sights.
  2. The Berlin Cathedral – located on the Museum Island is one of the most interesting places to visit.
  3. Discover the art of the East Side Gallery – 1.3 km long walk along the walls adorned with a variety of works of art.
  4. Explore the Museum Island – a stay in Berlin is not complete without a visit to this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  5. The Holocaust Memorial – the creator of this installation, Eisenman made this space in a way that would make the visitors feel uncomfortable and confusing.
  6. Charlottenburg Palace – the palace is built more than 300 years ago; the area around the palace is an ideal place to wander, especially through the gardens.
  7. Checkpoint Charlie – this was the most famous crossing point between East and West Germany during the Berlin Wall.
  8. The Victory Column – if you feel fit enough, climb up to nearly 300 stairs leading to the top and enjoy the beautiful views of the city.

We believe you won’t remain indifferent after you visit and experience these sights. The energy that can be felt in Berlin won’t leave you indifferent as well. This multicultural mecca really awaits you with hands wide open and what is most important – doesn’t judge. Everyone is welcome regardless of race, national affiliation, religion, culture or sexual orientation. In this city you can simply exist with all your peculiarity and that is a wonderful thing.

There are so many parks in Berlin and they are gorgeous. Driving the bike around the city you may encounter many places where you can turn off the road and enter the green paradise; you can breathe, relax, eat something and then continue your way. And when it comes to food – you can find everything here! Multiculturalism is manifested even in Berlin’s gastronomy and there’s no lack of choice. Not to forget – explore Berlin markets and their colorful offer. Prepare yourself for a variety of domestic and world cuisine, antiques, used goods, jewelry, handcrafts from local craftsmen and much more.

We could write a lot more about Berlin but would like to leave some things up to you to discover. This city has captured our hearts and we believe it will win your hearts as well.

If you want us to discover some more interesting things about this inspirational city or you need a recommendation, feel free to contact us!